Mezzanine House Design Inspiration for Limited and Comfortable Land

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The mezzanine house design is a residential concept that utilizes vertical space by adding a partial floor between the two main floors. Generally, mezzanines are built half a floor or more high, creating additional functional space in the house. Mezzanines allow the owner to have more space without widening the building site. So you could say that this house design could be a solution for extra space at home. Mezzanine floors are considered cost-effective for today’s residences.

Mezzanine House Design

Mezzanine House Design Inspiration for Narrow Living

Inspiration mezzanine offers a smart solution to maximize space and create a unique atmosphere in the house. With careful planning and choosing the right design, a mezzanine house can be the right choice for those who want a functional and aesthetic residence. Below are some inspirations for placing mezzanine designs in rooms at home, including:

Sitting Room

Utilizing vertical space in the living room by adding a mezzanine house design can be a smart solution to add functional space without the need for major renovations. An open mezzanine design can make the living room feel more spacious and spacious. You can get extra space above the living room which can be used for various purposes. Mezzanines can help separate the relaxing area in the living room from other areas, such as a workspace, reading room, or children’s play area.

Library Room

A mezzanine home design space can be an ideal choice for a personal library. The mezzanine offers a secluded and quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of the lower part of the house. So it makes it an ideal place to focus on reading and studying. Mezzanines provide extra space to store book collections neatly and within easy reach. Make sure you can create a unique and comfortable private library space.

Placed for Bedroom

Mezzanine home design inspiration can be applied to simple bedrooms. Ensure good ventilation to maintain air circulation and prevent the room from feeling stuffy. Windows or exhaust fans can help. Choose a stair design that is safe and comfortable to walk on, especially if there are small children or elderly people at home. Folding stairs can be an option to save space. You can implement this design correctly and easily as a bedroom.

Even though the house has less height. Make sure the guardrail on the open side of the mezzanine is high enough for safety. Apart from that, use neutral colors and minimalist furniture to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Utilize the space under the mezzanine for a wardrobe or other storage area.

Design for Narrow Land

The mezzanine house design saves more space, especially for narrow residences. Because each room can have 2 functions, for example, a living room and a work room. It could also be a bedroom with a family room. So considering the many creative ideas that homeowners can implement, this design is suitable for today’s homes.

Mezzanine house design is the right inspiration for housing in cities that have limited land. However, the house remains comfortable and functional.