Advantages of Sunken Living Room for Contemporary Home Styles

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A sunken living room is a family room that juts out in the middle of the room. The reason is that this style of family room was famous in the 70s. However, recently sunken has emerged as a trend in contemporary homes.

The difference in floor height helps to visually separate the family room. Especially if the room is connected to other rooms. If you are considering following this trend in the living room at home, then check out the following review about sunken.

Sunken Living Room

Advantages of Sunken Living Room

Sunken living rooms come with a luxurious feel for homes that have unexpected designs. The reason is that the design is very flexible to suit several styles. It’s even suitable for outdoor spaces. For this reason, here are the advantages of a sunken-style family room.

Makes the Room Look More Attractive

Large spaces tend to look monotonous. However, this style of living room can add dynamics to a larger area. The difference in floor height will attract attention and break the impression of monotony while still maintaining openness.

Spacious Feeling

If you like a space that looks spacious and open, then a sunken living room is suitable for your preferences. The hidden area displays the distance that exists at the level between the floor and ceiling. This will create the illusion of a more spacious room. The unique design will transform the family room into a classy space for entertainment.

Inspiration for Sunken Style

Here are some sunken living room inspirations that can be imitated. Among others are as follows.

Modern and Tropical Feel

This style is often built in luxury villas that have a modern tropical style. Of course, it can add a tropical and natural impression. The bottom can be covered with natural stone. Even the front area can also be given stones to make the atmosphere more natural.

That’s all, plants. This is also an attraction that will support the tropics, making you feel even more relaxed. You can choose a colored sofa with an abstract coffee table made of wood and a round copper hanging lamp.

Direct access to the kitchen right next door and fresh air can enter from the back in front of the family room.

Conventional Style

Having a shape with a root sofa can be said to be a national design that is in the minds of people who are asked to draw sunken styles. However, it can be done according to taste.

The lower part of the sunken style can use a conventional L sofa. A multifunctional coffee table for storing materials, a nightstand, and a red carpet as a striking accent from the all-white.

To strengthen the modern impression of the stairs, you can use yellow LED lights which provide indirect lighting and can create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.

Apply Sunken Style to Your Dream Home

From the explanation of the advantages of the sunken style for the home, it can be a consideration to create a living room with this style. It should be emphasized that creating this style does require quite a bit of money. However, later you will be satisfied with the results that will make you comfortable when chatting with family and friends. So, if you want to create a sunken living room, you can use the example above as inspiration.